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I have a resultset from a query in a bean which I want to populate a 2D arraylist with. The arraylist then gets passed back to the displaypage, and I need to get the values from the arraylist in a table. I seem to get the first row of the arraylist displayed in the table on every row. Here is the code: Bean: ArrayList Rows new ArrayList();ResultSet how to put it into a ArrayList. Ask Question 4. 4. Is ResultSet considered to be an ArrayList? I'm talking about jdbc. If no, then how do I put the information i get from my DB using the A ResultSet is not an ArrayList. Rather, it is a special object (Interface) to hold data retrieved by queries via JDBC connections. resultset to arraylist in jsp

ResultSet contains result of select query and I wanted to dispaly the output of this query in jsp page in table format. In servlet the output of query is stored in ArrayList and I am sending this ArrayList using tag. In my jsp page I am getting ResultSet result using

Storing resultset into arraylist. Alternatively you can have one class for your Resultset data say MyClass and each of the attributes are the columns from the resultset. And then you can have an arraylist declared as ArrayList. Also try to remove the Java code dangling withing the JSP You might want to make use of JSP tag library for traversing through the lists. Sep 26, 2008  Hello All; I am facing some problems while working with ResultSet. Can any one provide sample code to put the values of ResultSet into some ArrayList and Display the ArrayListresultset to arraylist in jsp Sep 09, 2005  ResultSet to ArrayList. Then you need to iterate through the result set, creating multiple instances of this class, one for each row, setting its properties from the columns of the result set, and adding the resulting object to your list. Then close the result set and poke yourself with a fork

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In the servlet code, with the instruction categoryList), you save your list in the request object, and use the name servletName for refering it. By the way, using then name servletName for a list is quite confusing, maybe it's better call it list or something similar: categoryList) resultset to arraylist in jsp Resultset in JSP. The logic flow for the same is below: basic form: Where user enters his choice. On submission the flow get directed to a servlet. From servlet the flow goes to a Java file where the data base retrieval and other logic is taken care of. Then the result is send back to the servlet. Servlet forwards the result to a JSP for display.