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2020-02-17 13:21

How to get result from back to C# ? Ask Question 2. 2. I have a code on a visual web part user control (see below): Could you please advice, how to get value from the callback function back to the C# in code behind to process it? It will close the dialog with the result like OK, Cancel and canAs with a modal dialog box, a modeless dialog box can return results using properties. However, the window that owns the dialog box needs to know when to check those properties. One way to enable this is for the dialog box to implement an event that is raised whenever text is found. c# modal dialog return result

Since everyone in front of a keyboard has already posted an answer, I won't try to do so myself. But do keep in mind that you should still check the DialogResult value returned by the call to ShowDialog. You want to allow for the case where the user canceled (i. e. , closed the form without entering anything at all), and you don't want to treat whatever they entered in the textbox as actual input.

Before a dialog box closes, its DialogResult property should be set with a Nullable Boolean that indicates how the user closed the dialog box. This value is returned by ShowDialog to allow client code to determine how the dialog box was closed and, consequently, how to process the result. Remarks. When a form is displayed as a modal dialog box, clicking the Close button (the button with an X in the topright corner of the form) causes the form to be hidden and the DialogResult property to be set to DialogResult. Cancel. The Close method is not automatically called when thec# modal dialog return result A modal dialog has its own message loop, so while its running, you can't do anything else in the application until the AcceptButton or CancelButton are pressed. A modeless dialog is a dialog you can launch which will still allow you to capture events in the application.

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Apr 16, 2018 Describes how to use the DialogResult property in Visual C# . This article also gives some sample steps to explain related information. Return to the Design window of Form1. This displays Form2 as a modal dialog box. When you click OK or Cancel, a message box is displayed with the details of the button that the user clicked. back to the top c# modal dialog return result Remarks. Dialog boxes commonly allow users to accept or cancel the task for which they were shown before the dialog box is closed. ShowDialog returns a NullableBoolean value that specifies whether the activity was accepted or canceled. The return value is the value of the DialogResult property before a window closes. I always was defining properties on the modal dialog and then read them back from the main form. Your solution looks more cleaner (for only one return parameter), however it does not return the return value of ShowModel. So, you don't know whether the user just clicked on the X, or really did change something. tofi9 May 4 '09 at 4: 58 At this moment our dialog returns a result of type DialogResult. Put a breakpoint to a closing curly brace in OnOpenDialog method in MainWindowViewModel, run project and click a button. Modal YesNo dialog will open. Click Yes or No button, dialog will be closed. Project flow will stop at break point and result variable will have a value, depend on which button was clicked. This is a simple asynchronous process: You should use await keyword to get the result: . var result await Don't forget to return result; at the end of the method. . Change your method definition to return this result like this: