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A small percentage of samples with lowpositive index values in the HSV2 IgG enzymelinked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) are actually falsepositive results. 1 The HSV2 IgG inhibition assay is a method for distinguishing such falsepositive results from truepositive results.The proportion of sera with equivocal results by Focus ELISA was very small in this large study. For HSV1, 78 (0. 7) of 11 060 results were equivocal (range 05 across sites). One site, Songkla, had a sevenfold higher rate (5) of equivocal test results for HSV1 than the total group. elisa herpes test results

The herpes test kit used was HerpeSelect ELISA for HSV1 and HSV2. Specifically, the HerpeSelect 1 ELISA result was 0. 35 and the HerpeSelect 2 ELISA result was 8. 79 I repeated the tests in September 2009. A different provider who also used HerpeSelect ELISA.

Oct 05, 2014 Elisa IGG Blood Test for HSV. The stated sensitivity of the test for HSV 2 is 97 which means 3 of negatives are false negatives. On the other hand, about 6 of people who test on the ELISA HSV 2 test, obtain values within the low positive range, which is 1. 1 to 3. 5. Half of those are false positives. So that makes the false positive rate about 3 as well. Laboratory Methods. ELISA tests were performed according to the manufacturer's instructions. The results of Herpe Select HSV1 and HSV2 ELISAs were defined as follows: index values 1. 1, positive; and inclusive for values between 0. 9 and 1. 1.elisa herpes test results Mar 15, 2019 A herpes IgM test is usually to learn to confirm that a person has herpes after they've had an outbreak. The test is a simple blood test, and results are usually available within a week. Although it takes time for this test to become positive, herpes IgM is one of the first types of antibody to be made after an infection.

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About Our Herpes Type Specific Immunoblot Test by ELISAIFA. However, either virus can be contracted orally or genitally, so HSV1 infections can occur on the genitals and HSV2 infections can occur on or near the mouth. This ELISAIFA blood test seeks out IgG antibodies to the HSV1 and HSV2 herpes elisa herpes test results Jan 29, 2019 One way to determine whether or not you have genital herpes or oral herpes infection is to get a herpes blood test. That said, many people have questions about how accurate herpes blood tests are. The truth is that herpes blood tests work reasonably well, but no test is perfect. Apr 03, 2014 Patients undergo the herpes immunoblot test and the genital herpes Elisa IgG test. The blood samples are analyzed at a laboratory, hence, the patient may have to wait for the test results. Both tests offer highly accurate results and as a rule, they will detect both variations of the herpes simplex virus (HSV1 and HSV2).