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2020-02-25 20:52

Jun 09, 2014  5 Things to Know in your First Three Months of Crossfit. by jenniferlynn on June 9, 2014. in CrossFit. While I have been doing Crossfit for over a year, I see so many new people coming in that takes me back to my first three months of Crossfit, things I have learned, and things IMay 28, 2018  You see, when I started my CrossFit journey to getting completely ripped, I was convinced that after six months, I'd have amazing transformation photos to share. But as you can see, I 6 months of crossfit results

Jun 01, 2018  Doing CrossFit for six months has taught me one unexpected lesson that I feel like I've been trying to learn my entire life. To love my body. To genuinely feel proud of what it

Sep 17, 2014 6. Ashley of CrossFit Hydro. 7. Josh Havelka of Orange Coast CrossFit, lost 23 lbs and 7 body fat in two months. 8. Jason Graves of CrossFit Bolt, lost over 100 lbs in 7 months! 9. Jennie Yundt of CrossFit Fire, went from a size 12 to a size 4 in only 11 months! 10. Josh and Heather Barley from Guerrilla CrossFit, shed all that in 12 months. 11. JR of CrossFit CDA, lost 10 lbs in 35 days. 12. Its been a touch over six months since I crawled my way out of my first workout at CrossFit Nucleus. (Picture and oneword blog post here. )I thought I might put down some thoughts about my experience there and what its done for me, so if you are looking at doing the CrossFit thing in the future, it might be useful.6 months of crossfit results My 6 month results, thanks crossfit! Still a lot work to do but very pleased with the results.

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