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2020-04-06 18:12

May 11, 2019 HardInfo is a system profiler and benchmark for Linux systems. It is able to obtain information from both hardware and basic software, and organize them in a simple to use GUI. Features include: Report generation (in either HTML or plain text) Benchmark result synchronization;The Benchmark result is only for 1 CPU, for multiple CPU systems you need to multiply the result with the number of CPUs. AMD FX9590 EightCore Processor, 4700MHz Processor, Socket: Socket 942 Higher result means better performance. AMD FX9590 hardinfo benchmark results

Nov 03, 2016 The great thing about HARDiNFO is that you can also compare your benchmark results with other results online. Overall, HARDiNFO Free is a quality system info utility that provides you with all the relevant data regarding your computer. It is powerful, yet not too hard on your system resources.

Jul 10, 2018  GeekBench Benchmark Results The results are organized in a table, with your complete score on top. As you scroll through the table, you'll see your results on specific tests HARDiNFO have one of the most advanced CPU benchmark on the market with real application simulations which includes all kind of application task types ranging from OfficeWordExcel to Photoshop, 3D CAD math calculations and AI Neural Network Simulations. You also can compare your benchmark results with other results online.hardinfo benchmark results HardInfo is a 64bit Allinone System Information, Diagnostic and Benchmark application designed to be used by Small Business to Large Business and Professionals. HardInfo displays the hardware information in well organized categories with high quality graphical representation of each hardware component for fast and easy understanding.

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Hardinfo benchmark results free

At the bottom of the results are the benchmarks; they will look something akin to this: The benchmark in this case was run on an ESXi VM with two 2. 3GHz CPUs. Its not the prettiest output but it provides quite a bit of potentially useful information. The output from hardinfo hardinfo benchmark results Total HARDiNFO Submitted Benchmark Results: 260, 000 With over 260, 000 submitted benchmarks and thousands verified and approved over a period of more than 3 years, HARDiNFO Benchmark is one of the largest online PC hardware benchmark results database. Sep 19, 2013 To benchmark a hard drive, click on harddisk option and select the drive that you want to test. After this, hit on Start benchmark button to begin the process. After completion of harddisk benchmark, results will be in front of you.