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2020-04-05 13:04

SendMessage () and Integer Result. This application is created with WinApi. Another program is standard Delphi application. Problem is: How i can query values from writer program with SendMessage (). Writer program have standard window procedure and iHow to send and handle a custom Windows message These notes apply to Delphi running on a Microsoft Windows platform. Delphi allows you to define your own messages when can then be posted on the Windows message queue and then handled by your own custom handler in your application. delphi tmessage result

Hi All, I've been trying to understand Windows messaging from MSDN and Delphi help file but unfortunately I can't seem to get the idea. So can someone please briefly explain to me in human language Windows messaging () provide me with a small example on how I can make the simplest internal messaging system inside my application that will send an internal message in my application

Any structures are usually passed as a pointer in lparam. When you override a message in Delphi, you do so by procedure MyMsg(var msg: TMessage) message WMMYMESSAGE; begin do something with msg. lparam andor msg. wparam msg. result: 0; end; The TMessage structure contains wparam, Jun 14, 2002 Delphi's Message System. Notice that TMessage record has a little less information than does TMsg. That's because Delphi internalizes the other TMsg fields; TMessage contains just the essential information you need to handle a message. It's important to note that the TMessage record also contains a Result field.delphi tmessage result Jul 19, 2002 (Delphi provides a Color property for components that does this for you, so the example is just for illustration purposes. ) You can return this brush handle easily with a messagehandling procedure by assigning a value to the Result field of TMessage (or another message record) after calling inherited.

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