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Sep 02, 2009 first off good results. slightly odd combination to your a level choices but honestly unis first look at your levels and then look at gCSE and if you get a's they overshadow gcse grades be sure to work hard. my teacher told me that i would perform much better at a level english as it is a completly different kettle of fish. good luckGCSE Results Day 2013? GCSE Results day guide. GCSE Statement of ResultsCertificates? Should I lie about my GCSEs to get into ALevel college? CONFUSED! Art& Design GCSE Edexcel Result doesn't match up? How is a CNAT different from a GCSE? What does mark equivalent mean on the GCSE results sheet? gcse results sheet look like

Have been looking at the sheet DD got for her results and I'm all confused. There is no where on it that tells me what the exam marks were 'out of' IYKWIM. Is the column headed 'mark' the same as the Mark on the AQA website? She got a predicted grade of AB for English Language. But these are her results: AQA GCSEB Eng03 74(mark) C (equiv)

Mar 26, 2019 GCSE results day is 22 August in England and Wales. . National 5 results day is 6 August in Scotland. Click here for more details on the Scottish results day. Schools will be able to see GCSE exam results on most examining boards' systems by 21 August, but these are for heads and the exams officer only. Dec 09, 2011 What does the GCSE Results sheet look like on results day? I just want to know what it looks like. Is it one sheet with just the grades on or different sheets By the way im not referring to the Certificates of the exam. . im talking about the actual results sheet which you collect from the school around August. Also how will the grades be ordered?gcse results sheet look like Aug 06, 2009  Getting my GCSE results in exactly three weeks from today! ! ! Oo I was wondering what the actual result sheet looks like. Not the certificate that you get later on in the year. Is it just a list of subjects you've taken with the grade along side? And if you its

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Aug 19, 2007 hi, its only 4 days till the results! is it true that teachers know students grades before they find out? also, what does the results sheet look like? how to you collect the results usually? do they call out name or are the envolpes on a table? also, what time is everyones at? any answers to anyall of these questions will be helpfull, thank you x gcse results sheet look like Aug 24, 2010  What does the GCSE results sheet look like? More questions. Really nervous about getting GCSE exam results tomorrow? Got my GCSE results today, i really want to study medicine at uni, is this good enough? Answer Questions. I got a 1020 on my PSATs. Is that good? Am I on the right track for the actual SATs?