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If your vision does need correcting, contact lenses are a convenient alternative to glasses, especially if you have an active lifestyle. You will, however, need to have an initial assessment with one of our specialist contact lens Optometrists. This can be booked on the day of your eye test or online at a later date. Find out moreA visual acuity test is an eye exam that checks how well you see the details of a letter or symbol from a specific distance. Visual acuity refers to your ability to discern the shapes and details vision test results 6/7.5p

Jul 22, 2014  To put things in perspective 69. 5 is better than 612, which is considered good enough for driving without glasses. Although there is no definite cutoff, worse than 612 would generally be

Childrens Eye Conditions Doctor Q& A Left 0. 12 and Computed Snellen, Right 66P, Left 67. 5P. Kindly explain these readings. As a worried mother, we went back to polyclinic on the. The result came back to be perfect eyesight. Why is that so and what method of testing is most accurate? Please enlighten. How you can achieve 2020 or 66 normal vision or better. In the most common visual acuity test, an optometrist places an eye chart at a standard distance, twenty feet, or six metres, depending on the customary unit of test results 6/7.5p Aug 04, 2014 Generally 612 and above vision is considered good vision, and this is the threshold which is considered good enough for driving. Generally speaking, vision worse than 612 due to a focusing problem is an indication that glasses are needed. For most people though, the aim is to achieve 66 vision.

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This test simply aims to give you a general idea about your visual capacity. We recommend that you followup this test with a full vision evaluation by a vision care specialist. Only eye care professionals can take decisions on medical treatment, diagnosis or prescription. vision test results 6/7.5p For childrens tests (such as Allen pictures and other test symbols), it is often abandoned and much thinner lines are used. Precision Vision offers stylized pictures, called Patti Pics, for which Snellens 55 principle is followed. They result in less change in the measured acuity when children graduate from picture charts to letter charts. basically you have a score of 7. 5 at a distance of 6 meters with 67. 5 (the lower the second number the smaller the text you can see) and the second one means you have a score of 60 (the really big E generally) at a distance of 3meters Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Rosen on understanding eye vision test results: The fixation losses are related to the reliability of the test. Some peripheral shading is within normal limits on the test. Mar 16, 2017 Eye wonder how you'll do. We test and find the best products. No matter your budget, we got you covered. Only People With 2020 Vision Can Pass This Eye Chart Test.