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This tutorial explains how to customise the search results page in Smart Search. To achieve this you use the Joomla layout override system. You need to be able to create new files and edit them on your web hosting site using FTP or other tools that are available to you (contact your web host if you need more information).If I removed & Itemid435 the results displayed in their own page. Apparently, Joomla adds an allegedly random ID if you don't provide one in the module assigned to the search menu item. In Basic Options there's a Set ItemID field. Add the ID of the search menu item and voila! No more search results within the frontpage. joomla search results page

Search Results. Search results can be shown in 1 column (default option), 2 columns, 3 columns and 4 columns. display images in search results 4 different styles well documented mobile friendly easy installation works fine with K2 extension Full featured demo version (expired in 3 days of the day of installation) for Joomla 2. 5 version.

Sep 09, 2013  Display images in search results page Joomla 3. x admin September 9, 2013 Joomla, Joomla 3. X By Default Joomla 3. x will display& intro text Use the search controls in Joomlas Search module. Joomla offers a full set of search controls in its results page, including a Search Keyword text box and a Search button. When users enter a phrase to search for, they can set one of these search options: All Words, Any Words, or Exact Phrase. Users can also set the order in whichjoomla search results page Joomla is smart enough to use this menu item as the display page for search results, when the search is run from any page of the website. This should get your search results displaying in the correct template, with the correct modules.

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Jun 25, 2015 Improving a Search Results Page. I think you, like me, do not need all those searching filters. Let's hide some of them in Joomla 3. 4. To create your own custom Search Page, based on default search component, you will need to create a Page template to include your search form and the information you want your users to see. joomla search results page Standard Joomla! 1. 5 search results page its okey, but I still get questions from clients how to improve that, or just how to show more or less etc. Standard search component provides basic search AJAX Search is live search module for Joomla to filter and display top search results as you type. A click on the result takes you directly to the result page which makes it much quicker to search and find content on your site. It will search through all searchable content getting top results from the main search component with AJAX. Jan 05, 2012 In case of search results, the search results are displayed without an item id. That is the reason why your modules are showing up on front page even if they are set to NO. If you have some coding knowledge you can edit the comsearch component and hard code the itemid. The joomla search results appear on the home page. I want it to show up on a new page. According to some online posts I had to modify the modsearch. php to set the item id to a non existing item so i set it to 0, but the problem is that the changes are not being reflected in my search module at all.