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Jun 22, 2010  In my previous post To sample or not to sample, we discussed how sampling can be used to scale down a large dataset for exploratory mining, as well as to produce train and test datasets. One type of sampling is called simple random sampling, which means that each record in the table has an equal probability of being selected. Simple random sampling can be with replacement, or withoutDec 01, 2009 Now including HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Investigation Discovery, and much more. best records to sample

But sometimes its done so well that you don't even realise it's a sample, so sit back and join us as we look at some of the best HipHop samples ever. For the best experience, listen to the first

Feb 19, 2008 The Best Soul Records To Sample Kicks and Snares? What are your favorite soul records to sample isolated kicks and snares? Mine personal favorite is at the start of James Brown's I'm Black And Proud which contains some thick kicks and snares. May 17, 2010 well, im lookin for some songs that would be cool to use in a hip hoprap beat. not the same barry white, but stuff no one would expect to use. something catchy but not too crazy, so if you've heard a song that you thought would be cool to hear incoporated into a rap lemme know. soul, older rock, even some beautiful piano peices. just stuff like that lolbest records to sample 10 Sample Medical Records Release Forms Forms which are signed by the person in order to give permission to disclose his medical records to other person

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Jun 23, 2011  Blue Note Records Ten Best Sample Sources by Phillip down for the bulk of Footprints, De La Soul resurrected the sample for its own tiny Tribe tribute, Simply Havin, and even best records to sample Apr 16, 2006  Just a lil sample secret. The best people to sample is people that wernt popular. And soul records arnt the only records that are crazy. JESUS Post Some Good Soul Artists To Sample In my opinion, this maybe the stupidest post here. If you are using this list to find samples Oct 15, 2003 True, it is the best way, nothing wrong with hitting the local record shop and chasing dust allergys. cool cause your local record shops need support and of course I'm biased cause I'm setting up one in my area You can sample all the popular records but its been done many times. Go out and find the rarest to sample from. Look in all Mar 12, 2015  Following up on monday's popular Why New DJs Should Start on Vinyl , we thought it'd be good to look at the importance of sampling records for producers and DJs. When digging for samples, its easy to fall into the trap of working with the same recycled digital libraries floating around the internet, yet there are thousands of records that have been long forgotten and can not be found Whether you're already an avid record collector or not, there are some albums you just need to have on vinyl. We at Vinyl Me, Please curated a list of the 52 best vinyl records you should own.