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2 days ago  We've long held Olympus's Tough cameras in high regard they tend to be the most capable of the cameras in their class and also offer the best features, like Raw support. And even though the TG6 is a modest update over the TG5, it's easily oneApr 28, 2009 News Reviews Articles Buying Guides Sample Images Videos Cameras Lenses Phones Printers Forums Galleries Challenges. Best cameras and lenses 2019 So I nearly bought an Olympus OM2SP today tinternaut. Apr 25, 2009 You made a wise decision. plusiotis. Apr 25, 2009 olympus om2 sample pics

Sep 28, 2006  olivier bruning: 28Sep2006 22: 31: the Olympus om2 is a cultcamera, one of the greatest analogue SLR of all time. An extraordinary innovative light measuring system, the first to reconsider its decisions during exposure should light conditions have changed in the meantime. zuikoholics esteem the quality of all the zuiko lensens, which have their own way of telling the truth

Olympus OM2 35mm SLRs. Discovered this Olympus OM2 (original version) in my dad's storage. Originally he thought he damaged the camera (before I was even born! ) and tried to get it repaired, but the idiot repairman couldn't fix it. I have taken photos all over the world with this kit and it has never gone wrong giving consistent results. Mar 22, 2015  The Olympus OM system has a long history of both exceptional and under appreciated machines. While the OM1 was received by professional photogs, the press, and industry insiders as a marvel of miniaturization, design, and engineering, the brand didnt seem to gain such a strong reputation with the casual user. Despite what Olympus had achieved [olympus om2 sample pics Yesterday I loaded up my Olympus OM2 with a reel of Kodak colourplus 200 colour film and headed off to the sailing lake in Stevenage at Fairlands Valley Park to give the camera a test run. The pictures below show the Olympus OM2 sample pictures I took

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Sep 19, 2014 Buy from This image gallery video was compiled for you by using sample pictures sh olympus om2 sample pics Please read the group rules before you post anything: Post only quality photos taken with the Olympus OM2, OM2n or OM2SP. You can post one photo a day. Make sure to add the tag OM2 or OM2n or OM2SP to your photos. Photos without that tag will not be accepted. Continuously dumping untagged photos leads to removal from the group.