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Oct 17, 2018 Updated. Disclaimer: The language in these sample policies may or may not be appropriate for your library. The policies are not endorsed by the State Library of Iowa; they are offered as resources as you develop andor review your own policy.The Collection Development Policy, approved by the Library Commission, is one of the Librarys fundamental policy documents. It outlines the philosophies that create and shape the Denver Public Librarys unique collection, the practices that maintain it over time and library collection policy sample

Sample Collection Development Policy. Created by Collection DevelopmentReference Committee Fall 2012. Mission Statement. The mission of the Public Library is to serve the educational, informational, cultural and recreational needs of the community as a whole and to ensure every citizen's freedom to access all library resources.

Sample Library Policies. All institutions need guidelines for decision making and libraries are no exception. Policies allow for consistent implementation of daily library operations. Policies should be approved by the library's governing authority, whether that is a board of trustees or town select board. the overall development of the collection. The Policy establishes priorities in collection, supplementation and retention. The Librarys acquisitions policies are based on the needs of the Library as well as the needs of the community it serves. This Policy must grow and change to meet the needs of the Library and its patrons.library collection policy sample Jan 01, 2019 A collection of sample policies, forms, and procedures for the college or university environment. This new handbook and CDROM package is divided into three parts Student and Faculty Services, Administrative Policies, and Collection Maintenance.

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Library System is to be an information center for the communities it serves in order to preserve and encourage the free expression of ideas essential to an informed citizenry. I. Purpose of the Collection Development Policy The collection development policy is intended to provide guidance, within budgetary and space library collection policy sample Sample Library Policies for the Small Public Library. Compiled by the Small Library Committee of the Wisconsin Association of Public Librarians, 2nd Edition, Revised by David L. Polodna, 1999 Converted to HTML by OWLS and posted with permission. Adapt the information to suit your needs. The Denver Public Library collects materials, in a variety of popular formats, which support its function as a major information source for the demanding needs of a metropolitan population. The collection also serves the general educational interest, recreational, and entertainment needs of the public, and reflects the racial, ethnic and cultural diversity of the community.