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2020-02-28 17:44

Nadra Marriage Certificate Sample of Sindh Pakistan. Nadra computerized Marriage Certificates are being issued in Pakistan, Here you can review the sample document of Nadra Marriage Certificate, Sample marriage certificate is only for review, and watermarked and sample marriage certificate contents are removed to keep the privacy.NADRA marriage certificate A computerized Document. NADRA marriage certificate consists of details of a married couple both in Urdu and English. Foreign authorities accept NADRA Marriage Registration Certificates to confirm wedding contract between couples. NADRA Marriage Certificate is a prerequisite for a family visa spouse visa. nadra marriage certificate sample

Apr 01, 2016 NADRA marriage certificate. NADRA marriage certificate is fully computerized document which contains both Urdu and English contents of married people. Similar to NADRA birth certificate NADRA has also developed a special system to issue NADRA marriage certificates. NADRA is not directly issuing these NADRA marriage certificate.

Oct 27, 2017 Nadra Marriage Certificate Sample: Nadra Smart Card Tracking ID. This is the sample of the Nadra Marriage Certificate as your computerized certificate that is given to you contain the same format and data as you can see in the above image. Both the Urdu and English Language would be used in the certificate explaining enough data which is required. Mar 26, 2018  NADRA is the sole authority in Pakistan which provides various services and certificates. Two certificates are most popular e. g. birth registration certificate and marriage registration certificate. The NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate (MRC)nadra marriage certificate sample Official format of NADRA marriage registration certificate in Pakistan. Sample image of NADRA Marriage Certificate to understand the contents of this document.

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