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A Sample Of Sanusi New 200 Naira Note Business (3) Nairaland. Nairaland Forum Nairaland General Business A Sample Of Sanusi New 200 Naira Note ( Views) The Effect Of Sanusi's Exchange Policy (BlackMarket: N173 To 1) Why Sanusi's New Policy Will Destroy Yahoo Yahoo (3)Nov 03, 2014  The CBN had in 2010, issued commemorative 50 Naira polymer note to mark Nigerias 50th Independence Anniversary celebration. The 100 Naira note bearing the sample of new 100 naira note

Dec 11, 2014 The new N100 note designed to commemorate Nigeria's 100 years of amalgamation was unveiled by President Jonathan today Nov. 12th at the state house during the Federal Executive Council meeting. While presenting the notes to other members of the Council, the president said it was a laudable gesture

Aug 26, 2012  August 26, 2012 The New 5000 Naira Note (N5000) Prototype Picture For those who are not aware, the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN has confirmed the introduction of 5000 Naira currency note bill into the Nigerian economy. www. naijagists. com And the faces on the newly introduced 5000 Naira bill are: Margaret Ekpo (1914 2006), a late activist and politician politician Hajia Gambo Nigeria Banknote Gallery Nigeria Banknotes For Sale. Nigeria 500 Naira: Item Code: NG30 Front: Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe ( ) First President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Ornamental security patterns adapted from Nigerian traditional art.sample of new 100 naira note A Sample Of Sanusi New 200 Naira Note (1) Why Is 100 Naira Note Scarce These Days? by Canisma(m): 6: 18pm On Jul 11, 2011; Pls, is there any other thing that the 100 naira note is been used for. Is there any explanation for its disappearance from circulation. Na wao, Re: Why Is 100 Naira Note

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Sample of new 100 naira note free

These are 100 Naira(1999), 200 Naira note (2000). 500 Naira was released in April, 2001 while the 1000 Naira note was released in October 2005. On February 28th 2007, as part of the economic reforms, N 50, N 20, N 10 and N 5 banknotes and N 1 and 50K coins, were reissued in new designs. sample of new 100 naira note The 100 naira note has the portrait of Chief Obafemi Awolowo. To celebrate Nigeria hundred years of existence, Former President Goodluck Jonathan unveiled a new 100 naira note ( Centenary 100 Naira note ) on the 12th of November, 2014. The new 100 note still retained the iconic figure of Chief Obafemi Awolowo. The naira currently exchanges at about 100 for one US dollar. The higher bill would reduce the number of soiled notes in circulation, ease the pressure on the lower denomination bills and enhance 1000 NAIRA NOTE Pictures, Interesting Facts& Name Of The Face On One Thousand Naira Positioned in the inner corner of the Gulf of Guinea, on the west coast of Africa stands tall a very beautiful nation called Nigeria. Nigeria is bordered in the North by Niger, on the West by the Benin [ Nov 13, 2014  President Goodluck Jonathan has approved the new 100 naira note which will be in circulation very soon. He unveiled this along with the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, as the first digital N100 paper note, to commemorate Nigerias Centenary.