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Check otu the Militec1 4oz Lubricant @ Amazon. com. Militec 1 reviews by TK: I started using this in 2011 on an SR25, I stripped the gun, used a heat gun to heat the parts and receiver to operating temperature.Feb 23, 2008 If you feel like wading through it all you can go to this thread over on The firing line read about my adventure with Militec1, a challenge by another manufacturer, and the end result of my testing. If you want the cliff notes version of my opinion it is this. Militec1 seems to have excellent lubricating properties, is not really a cleaner by itself, and seems to be pretty weak militec-1 free sample

Jan 27, 2003 I just received in the mail the free samples of MILITEC1 lube and grease that I requested via Email. There's a MailTo link on their site, or you could just send a message to [email protected] com with the subject I have done no T& E on these products, so please don't take this as an endorsement, but I just can't turn down offers for free stuff!

Dec 05, 2003 I emailed Militec1 about the problem and received a very nice letter from Mr. Brad P. Giordani with an explanation and an offer to replace the Wahl Cordless Groomsman Trimmer. Reply Email from MILITEC1: Dear Sir, Thank you for your message. MILITEC1 can be used where other interchangeable lubricantsoils are used. Jan 25, 2011 Militec gun conditioner. Keeps firearms lubed even when completely wiped off and dry. Can be used in every firearm. Check them out Cmilitec-1 free sample Nov 28, 2003  The Armys own official lessons learned report from Iraq on May 15 confirmed that most soldiers preferred to use MILITEC1 rather than CLP. Giordani said Militec has been swamped with requests for MILITEC1 samples by relatives of troops deployed to Iraq. The company decided early on to provide samples free of charge in such cases.

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MILITEC1 GUN GREASE. The ultimate solution for lubricating the M1 Garand or any other weapon or firearm application where gun grease is needed. Please visit our main site at www. militec1. com for a FREE SAMPLE of MILITEC1 Synthetic Metal Conditioner, MILITEC1 Grease, militec-1 free sample MILITEC1 is the Gold Standard in Combat. Treated weapons have been tested and proven to be more accurate, deliver higher muzzle velocity with the same load, and show decreased wear at all critical wear points. Also, the weapons subjectively feel better in blind tests. Apr 22, 2008 I am involved with MILITEC1, and, of course, noted that it showed very poorly in your test. Actually, I agree completely with your findings. MILITEC1, applied in the manner you employed in your test, will make a relatively poor showing. When simply sprayed or dripped onto metal, MILITEC1 offers no better protection than other lubes. Thank you for the samples of MILITEC1. All the test samples have been used and the results are, I am pleased to announce, extremely good. The U. S. Shooting team's in depth analysis of the tests are ongoing, however I personally found that MILITEC1 oil gives an 11 increase in accuracy in the Olympic R. F. (. 22 cal) Match Pistols when tested. These tests were conducted with a variety of Militec1 Synthetic Rust Preventative and Metal Conditioner is a synthetic metal conditioner used by our troops in harsh environments. This rust preventative and metal conditioner provides dry and constant lubrication that prevents jamming and foreign material buildup. Militec1 bonds with the metal to inhibit corrosion and to make cleaning