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BSAAML Risk Assessment. Objective. Assess the BSAAML risk profile of the bank and evaluate the adequacy of the banks BSAAML risk assessment process. Review the banks BSAAML risk assessment. Determine whether the bank has included all risk areas, including any new products, services, or customers, entities, and geographic locations.AML Risk Assessment Template and Sample Rating Matrix Downloadable Template& Raw Data When onboarding new customers, and throughout the relationship with each customer, financial institutions are required by regulators to perform antimoney laundering (AML) and knowyourcustomer (KYC) risk assessments to determine a customers overall aml risk assessment sample

egulator on demand a copy of your risk assessment, and all steps taken to carry it out (Regulation 18(6)). r 2. eep your records of such meetings or consultations. Note that you must also have your firms AML policy approved by senior management (Regulation 19). However that should K ome after the risk assessment. c

SAMPLE BANK BSAAML BANK RISK ASSESSMENT (April 2013) High Risk Scored as 3 Moderate Risk Scored as 2 Low Risk Scored as 1 Rating Score Comments 1 Large and growing customer base in broad and diverse market area andor customer base increased more than 30 over prior year Customer base increased more than 15 but no more than 30 THE NATURE OF AMLCFT RISK ASSESSMENTS (Business& Customer) 1. Developing a AMLCFT risk methodology 2. Applying Risk Findings 3. Customer Due Diligence (Perspective Of The Financial Institutions) The Risk Assessment Quantification Source of Funds Risk Factor Rating Scoreaml risk assessment sample Institutions Examination ouncil (FFIE ) Bank Secrecy ActAntiMoney Laundering (AML) Examination Manual, where it is stated that management should: structure the banks SAAML compliance program to adequately address its risk profile, as identified by the risk assessment develop the appropriate policies, procedures, and processes

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BANK SECRECY ACTANTIMONEY LAUNDERING. EXAMINATION WORK PROGRAM. INSTRUCTIONS: OVERVIEW. a review of the BSAAML Risk Assessment), review of the MSBs BSAAML Compliance Program, and interviews with MSB personnel. letter documents provided by the MSB. Refer to Appendix D Sample Request Letter and Documents for MSBs. aml risk assessment sample Page 4 of 35 AUDITING& UPDATING a 13 ILLION ORGANIZATIONS SAAML RISK ASSESSMENT By Donna Davidek, CAMS December 30, 2013 The Business Dictionary (1) defines Risk Assessment as The identification, evaluation, and estimation of the levels of risks involved in a situation, their comparison against benchmarks or standards and their A thorough risk assessment considers BSAAML, fraud, OFAC, and institutionspecific factors, such as business lines and subsidiaries and how all of these factors interrelate. This quick reference guide provides a brief, summarized version of the requirements and can help you perform a financial institution risk assessment. Risk assessments have been conducted in many areas within banking organizations for years, so it seemed appropriate when the BSA area came into regulatory focus. Since at least 2005, every depository financial institution has been required to perform and document a written BSAAML Risk Assessment. Assess the BSAAML risk profile of the bank and evaluate the adequacy of the banks BSAAML risk assessment process. Evaluating the BSAAML risk assessment should be part of scoping and planning the examination, and the inclusion of a section on risk assessment in the manual does not mean the two processes are separate.