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2020-04-04 12:05

I love free diapers and milk powder samples, do you? You will agree with me that baby stuff is expensive in Singapore. So Every cent saved is every cent saved. LOL. In 2018, I bet that the# 1 headache for new mum and dads is: Which brand of diapers and milk powders to choose!You can request a free sample by contacting them at 6100 3427 or email. Mamy Poko Sample& Moony Sample. Mamy Poko offers 4 types of diaper: Mamy Poko tape diaper, Mamy poko pants extra soft fit M, Moony Air Fit type and also Moonyman Air pants type. Tape diaper sizes to choose from: Newborn(Up to 5kg), Small (38kg) moony diapers free sample

Well, you can actually request for free samples from some diaper companies, so that you know which brand of diaper is best suited for your child's needs. Here then is the list of free diaper samples in Singapore: 1. Huggies sample. Click here to avail of Huggies diaper samples. Each sample pack contains 3 pieces of diapers or diaper pants.

Baby Diaper Free Sample Pampers, Huggies, Merries, Mamypoko, Drypers and Petpet It has been estimated that a baby will use about 5, 000 diapers become he Sep 04, 2016 I am currently using Bosomi Diapers for almost 1 yr plus. In the recent months, I saw rashes at her waist (the back), where the stretchable band is, so I wish to try out either Goon or Moony diapers, which has good reviews, to see if the rashes is really due to the Bosomi diapers.moony diapers free sample S26 You can get samples on their S26 series. Karihome Goat's Milk You can get samples here, and Karihome Assorted Sweeties too! Diapers Goo. N Diapers Register and get a free sample of the Goo. N Diaper. Huggies Register and request for samples. You can request up to one sample per product per household.

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Moony diapers free sample free