Resource id #48' bind result

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Oct 06, 2009 It means either that the bind user distinguished name or the bind user password are not right, or that the user doesn't have the permission to connect to the LDAP server. . Saludos. Iaki.May 22, 2013 I have used Microsoft web app gallery to setup my PHP, MySQL and Moodle installation. I have configured Moodle so it can be accessed Internally and Externally, But I now have the issue of trying to setup Active Directory user accounts to moodle. resource id #48' bind result

Apr 06, 2006  LDAPmodule cannot connect any LDAP servers: Server: 'ldap: x. x. x. x' Connection: 'Resource id# 31' Bind result: In my case, I think all the variables cn, dc, etc are in the correct place, order and with the correct values. The server was working OK

Jun 13, 2017 BBigford was close but I suspect he typed something incorrectly. He is right that your 'Distinguished name' field is incorrect. A Distinguished name in LDAP is a specific format. [ 13: 00 UTC [email protected] net Most likely a library clash. . as you've got oracle support too, and it has it's own ldap functions. Try pointing withldap to the oracle directory.resource id #48' bind result I spent a frustrating hour trying to figure out why mysqlistmtbindresult choked while trying to allocate 16MB of memory for what should have been at most a 50Kb result, until I realized the function is checking the column type first to find out how big a result might be retrieved, and attempting to allocate that much memory to contain it.

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pulp# getenforce Enforcing pulp# service iptables status Redirecting to binsystemctl status iptables. service resource id #48' bind result Jan 29, 2008 Moodle in English LDAPmodule cannot connect any LDAP servers: Server: Connection: 'Resource id# 33' Bind result: moodle email set up; Moodle migration to Moodle losing passwords. Display mode This discussion has been locked because a year has elapsed since the last post. Please start a Dec 13, 2006 Moodle in English 'Resource id# 24' Bind result: Gleidson Medeiros. Wednesday, 13 December 2006, 4: 34 AM. I'm tring to authenticate a Moodle in a Microsoft Active Directory (Windows 2003 Server) 1. I create a Organization Unit moodle and groups teacher and student . 2. I create a user mdlbind to be a bind user I have a pretty basic forum template I am working on for testing purposes When I create a topic, and press submit, the proccess updates the database but doesn't output on the screen. Why is this? I'm trying to dynamically bind mysqlstmt parameters and get the result in an associative array. I've found this post here on stackoverflow where Amber posted an answer with the following code: Or