Mmff 2019 result day 1

2020-03-28 09:02

For the Day 1 of MMFF 2018, Spokesperson Noel Ferrer share the initial report on top grossing films. This year, film titles included in the official entries are: Rainbow Sunset, One Great Love, Mary, Marry Me, Otlum, Aurora, Fantastica: The Princess, The Prince and The Perya, Girl in the Orange Dress, and Jack Em Popoy: The Pulisincredibles.Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) Official April 14 at 5: 36 PM Congratulations to the 2018 MMFF Best Picture Rainbow Sunset for winning the Remi Special Jury Prize in the recently concluded World Houston Film Festival. mmff 2019 result day 1

The MMFF 2018 official entry list of gross income on day 1 record, romantic, drama, horror, suspense, and comedy films almost earned 300 million unofficial box office gross on the first day of the opening for the most prestigious Filipino film yearly event in the Philippines.

P1 billion is the box office gross target of MMFF 2018. Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2018 aims to reach P1 billion box office gross. Every year 8 movies are vying to get the highest gross and receive the prestigious award in the film festival. Jan 01, 2018 by Blogger on January 1, 2018. Congratulations to Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2017 for Day 2 earnings that broke boxoffice records as it exceeded the 2015 first and second day gross sales. According to MMFF Execom Chair Tim Orbos, the foot traffic to the theaters tripled compared to the last year film festival on 2016.mmff 2019 result day 1 Dec 25, 2018  MMFF 2018 Box Office Result (Day 1) FANTASTICA part of the TOP 3 with Jack Em Popoy and Aurora James Reid LOOK ALIKE Miguel Odron Idol Philippines 2019 Auditions

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