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State Senate District 33 Special Election Wholly contained within Los Angeles county. Special General Election, June 4, 2019. Senate District 33, Special General Election Calendar (PDF) Candidate Information. Certified List of Senate District 33 Candidates (PDF) Contact List of Senate District 33 Candidates (PDF)California election dates, 2019. Statewide election dates in California are listed below. For more dates, please see the elections calendar. Statewide election dates. There are no statewide elections in California this year. See the Ballotpedia calendar page for more election dates. Polling hours: See State Poll Opening and Closing Times (2019 ca state senate election results 2019

Mar 26, 2019  A misleading mailer sent to voters, paid for by Taxfighters for Brian Dahle for State Senate 2019, stated that Baird is the clear choice for Democrats despite withdrawing from the race.

Mar 26, 2019 Final Official Election Results Senate District 1. Special Primary Election, March 26, 2019 1. Abbreviations are: DEM Democratic Party; REP Republican Party A special election for District 1 of the California State Senate has been called for June 4, 2019. A primary election took place on March 26, 2019. Candidates wishing to run in this election were required to file by January 31, state senate election results 2019 Mar 27, 2019  Brian Dahle, Kevin Kiley advance to runoff election in June, unofficial vote results show See live updated results from the state Senate District

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Apr 24, 2019 Election 2019: Bill Powers heading to state Senate a 'happy man' Bill Powers won the special election with just under 54 of the vote to nearly 45 for Democratic nominee Juanita Charles. ca state senate election results 2019 Mar 26, 2019 Lena Gonzalez, 33rd State Senate District candidate, greets the crowd after the first round of election results showed her in the lead on Tuesday, March 26, 2019 in Long Beach. We've broken down the results state by state. Federal election 2019: How the states voted. By Benjamin Ansell. In the SA Senate count, the Liberals looked likely to win three seats and Election Results. Election Results. Local Election Results; 2019 for a vacancy in the State Senate 1st District. Quickview Calendar. Election Results Local Election Results. State Information Special Primary Election State Information. State Senate, District 1 Candidate Contact Information. Shasta County Candidate Statements 2019 AllUniversity Elections. Learn about the AllUniversity Election Results. Academic Senate, SFSU: AtLarge Representative. Total number of seats open in the S2019 Election: 1. Eligibility and process description: Member elected at large. Must have availability every Tuesday from 25pm. A California State University Campus;