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2020-04-02 22:23

The iScreen OFD Cotinine Saliva Test detects the presence of cotinine (the main metabolite in nicotine) for up to 12 days after use. How to Read iScreen Cotinine Swab Test Results: When you need an accurate costeffective nicotine drug test, try the iScreeniScreen OFD Cotinine Screen iScreen OFD Oral Fluid Test Device Rapid onsite screening test device for the detection of cotinine in oral fluid Collect anywhere, anytime Results within minutes Gather all necessary testing supplies iScreen OFD device in foil pouch Timer or stop watch iscreen ofd results

The Alere iScreen OFD Saliva Drug Testing Kit provides fast, easytoread results in as little as 10 minutes. Accurately screen for illicit drugs in saliva, without the need for testing in a bathroom. The test is efficient, easy, and noninvasive, with a simple collection and testing procedure.

Package insert for iScreen OFD, a rapid screening test for the simultaneous, qualitative detection of amphetamine, methamphetamine, cocaine, opiates, marijuana and Negative iScreen results will have two lines one line in the control region and one line in the test region. Please note: Even a faint line is indicative of a negative drug test result. Positive iScreen results will only show one line in the control region and no lines in the test region.iscreen ofd results Convenient Detection. Redwood Toxicology Laboratory recognizes your need for a reliable and costeffective oral fluid screening device. RTL's iScreen OFD device, in combination with its lab services, provides you with a comprehensive drug test solution you can rely on.

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iScreen OFD overview Collection procedure Testing procedure Reading results Sending presumptive positives for confirmation The information in this presentation is a general overview on using the iScreen OFD substance abuse screening device. iscreen ofd results The iScreen 6 Panel Oral Fluid Drug Test is a handy onepiece device that is easy to collect saliva and operate with just a few simple steps. iScreen was an intelligently designed test kit but not the first to emerge on the market. iScreen OFD 5 Panel Drug Test and 6 Panel Drug Test. The iScreen OFD cheek swab drug test is an instant, onthespot saliva drug testing kit that gives you results in 10 minutes. With an oral fluid drug test, you dont need to worry about samegender observed collections or The iScreen OFD offers a noninvasive drug testing option. With a simple gum and mouth swab, the OFD offers drug analyte testing via saliva. The OFD is available in 5 and 6 drug configurations. The AlereTM iScreen OFD (Oral Fluid Device), is a salivabased nicotine test that tests for cotinine (the primary metabolite of nicotine). It is simple to administer via oral swab, safely selfcontained, and the results, delivered within 10 minutes, are 97. 6 percent accurate. The iScreen OFD allows testing