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2020-02-28 11:43

Revision of Papers and the September Session ADSC, Examinations Department, and the MATSEC Support Unit. Communicating Results 8950 candidates sat for MATSEC Examinations in MainFirst 2018 session consisting of: 3805 candidates who sat at Matriculation Level (Advanced& Coloured paper at SEC LevelRevision of Matsec papers. The Matsec board and the Matsec support unit would like to clarify some of the issues raised in the recent articles and comments on the revision of paper reports. Revision of papers is meant for candidates who are not satisfied with the grade awarded to them in any of the subjects for which they sat. matsec revision of paper results

Sep 03, 2015  Moreover, it is unacceptable that the results of a revision of paper are issued only a couple of days prior to the resit, or even worse, after the resit has already been attempted, resulting in an uncomfortable position experienced by students who feel that they are caught in between MATSECs poor handling of the situation.

The Matsec Board, together with the ministry will see how, despite logistical problems cause by an increase in the number of revision of paper requests, it can ensure that the students are given MATSEC thanks the 1, 594 candidates who provided feedback through MATSEC's 2018 postexamination survey. Responses were analysed. A report will be published in due time.matsec revision of paper results A3: Revision of Papers. In every case where a revision of paper is requested, and the grade is not changed, the additional marker will draw up a brief report which is copied to the candidate in question. Where the grade is changed, the report will reflect the conclusions reached after the discussion mentioned in paragraph 4 above.

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This year, 1, 214 requests for revision of papers in 74 out of over 100 examinations were received. The revision of paper reports are vetted by MATSEC Support Unit staff before being issued. matsec revision of paper results Sep 22, 2015 A possible solution could be that the MATSEC Board sets a deadline to the examiners and a stipulated date when the results should be published, so that if a revision of paper is requested there will be enough time for the student to know if she is eligible for admission into University. Matsec Advanced (each subject) 28: 0: Intermediate Level (each subject) 25: 0: University Fee (per application) 15: 0: Late Entry Fee (per appplication) 70 70: Additional Fee for results to be sent through registered mail: 1. 50: 0: Additional Fee for Subjects Jul 13, 2015  MATSEC results sent by SMS free revision classes for those who did not pass Posted On July 13, 2015 Updated 13 July, 2015 10: 36am. The students will receive their official results as well as information about resits and revision of papers by post in the next few days. In March 2004, Education, Youth and Employment Minister Louis Galea commissioned a Matsec Review Committee to compile a report about the current national examinations setup.