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2020-02-22 21:34

Type your search terms above and press return to see the search results. Popular Searches. Contacting Council; Bega Valley Regional Gallery; Everything you need to know about doing business and investing in the Bega Valley Shire. Local Information. Bega Valley workforce; Business Confidence Survey; DX. 4904 Bega E. [email protected] VALLEY SHIRE COUNCIL SUMMARY ELECTION NIGHT POST ELECTION NIGHT FINAL RESULTS; Bega Valley Shire Council Council Summary. Summary of First Preference and Group Votes for each Candidate (Status: Declared Election) Residential and Nonresidential Electors enrolled on 4 August 2008: 23, 343 bega valley shire council elections results

Sep 08, 2016  Council election this Saturday. Thursday, 8 September 2016. Almost 23, 000 eligible voters will go to the polls this Saturday (Sept 10) to shape the future of Bega Valley Shire Council. The nine people elected to Council will set the strategic direction of the organisation for the next four years, General Manager Leanne Barnes said.

Elections across NSW, with 23, 341 enrolled within Bega Valley Shire Councils area. This is the first time that the NSWEC has provided councils with a comprehensive report on their election. Total Number of Electors: Residential and Nonresidential Electors enrolled in this council area on 30 July 2012 was 24, 351. Electors may continue to enrol up to and including election day. Bega Valley Shire Council is an undivided Local Government Area and has no Wards. 2012 Map and Polling Places. Previous resultsbega valley shire council elections results A tenmonth debate at Bega Valley Shire Council came to an end this afternoon with councilors voting to add fluoride to the shires remaining water supplies. Council has been adding fluoride to the BegaTathra system since 1963, todays six two result in the chamber will see it added to two of Councils other water supplies.

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