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thanks, this is a personal projects, i was planning to sanitize it after i finish building, just to make sure that i learn it right. Thanks, silly mistake, i never see that, just correct itApr 09, 2010  In want to display PHP query results in a table? I am trying to display the results of a query in the form of a table. this it the PHP that i am using below. The problem is that the headings of the table display results in table php

Apr 13, 2014 Display results in html table using php and mysql Normally, you displayed data results without order in php. If you want to display single data, then you can easily display it using ' But if you have to display large amount of data from mysql table, then you should be display it properly.

Sep 17, 2011 flow the out of the loop and positioned it in the previous them, then flow the table out of the loop to the backside. positioned into the table tag, bordera million without costs. in case you ought to use costs, use single costs or delimit them with . reinkemeyer 3 years ago 0 How to display search results in one table with PHP& MySQL. Ask Question 2. I have the code to do the search. But the search results are not in the same table. All search results appear in a different table. How do I get PHP errors to display? 745. How to 'insert if not exists' in MySQL? 1072. How to get the client IP address in PHP. 2021.display results in table php OK I have a database on phpmyadmin (sql) and I want to display one of my tables into a table on HTMLPHP. I have searched online and can not implement this feature, so I'm wondering if

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I am trying to develop an upcoming course dates for my website. I want to maintain the data in an mysql database. I have set up 3 table in msql. 1. courses 2. category 3. coursedates All are linke display results in table php