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Jul 19, 2013 Week 112 500 Test E ( 2 shots a week, always rotating (delts, glutes, quads) Week 14 30 Dbol Week 110 arimidex 0. 25 or 0. 5mh EOD( Depends on my body's response) I am using liver protection If i feel that the boys are shrinking i have some hcg i could use for a while (250IU xs a week and stop before pct) Pct:Jan 02, 2015 7 weeks on 900mg test e and mg of deca. Making real good gains on the big 3. Bench is up 45 lbs from origanal 1RM. Squats up about 40 lbs and deads are up 30lbs. Still not super satisfied with my gains. Feel like i dont look as big as id like too. Maybe i have a complex. Who knows. Maybe thats why im a bodybuilder. Anyway. The iron never lies. test e dbol results pictures

Jul 05, 2012 First Cycle Test E DBol I have experience with several ProHormone cycles but have never tryed test. I've been doing extensive research on the overall process but I wanted to post my plan to see if you guys can help me with the process.

Dec 01, 2018 Test Dbol Results I did a 12 week cycle like this: Week 112, Test e 300mg 2x (600 mg total) Week 16, Dbol 50 mg ed PCT used nolva and clomid, for on cycle support I used Anastrozole Before stats 135 lbs 7 bf 5 7 After stats (post pct) 155 lbs 10bf 5 7 What do u guys think? Feb 20, 2019  Only Test E Cycle, 12weeks. Pharma. Cubensis. December 14, 2015, 5: 25pm a Test E only cycle and was pretty happy with the results and will share the experience and would also appreciate any other from other experienced members as well! then just run 1g of test and 50mg dbol. Doesnt get much cheaper than thattest e dbol results pictures Dbol Dosage in a TestE Dbol Cycle. Jumpstart production of new muscle tissue with 25 to 30 mg of Dbol a day for the first four weeks. D Bol has a halflife of about 5 hours, so if you choose to go with 30mg per day. Ideally you should take 10mg in between meals after every five hours.

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Feb 15, 2013 First cycle 500mgs Test E with Dbol (Before pics) (Your official forum to log your very own journal. Whether it be a dieting journal, a training journal, an anabolic journal or some type of combination, feel free to post and log it here. ) First cycle results. TestDbol (Beforeafter pics) Chur Stats: 173cms, 73kgs, 1012, 19 yo, 2 years xp test e dbol results pictures Dec 14, 2015 Well, all I can say is WOW. Fking WOW. I think I'll bullet point all this information, otherwise I'll go on and on about this experience. Cycle was 12 weeks Test Enanth 250mgE3D, weeks 14 dbol approximately 30mgED. I am 34yo, and 5'7 . At the beginning, I was well warned that I was not big enough (160lb) to cycle although I'd been very, very fit and disciplined for years. Nov 26, 2012 week 14 dbols 4 x 10mg ( plus taking liv 52 to support liver during dbols ) week 112 test e 500mg a week ( 250mg monday& 250mg thursday ). PCT. 14 days after last injection. clomid. nolva. i am 25 years old Sep 30, 2011 My TestDecaDbol cycle RESULTS (bloodwork pics) First off, let me say this is my second cycle ever, first one was a small PropVar 8 weeks, just to get the feel of aas, more about it here: Week 112 600mg Test E 2x week. Week 110 400mg Deca 2x week. Week 14 40mg Dbol 40mgday Week 612 Proviron 50mgday These pictures are making me