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2020-04-05 08:34

Nov 19, 2018 An exclusive look at how and why StartUp Chile grew to be one of the top startup accelerators in the world, including the latest 2018 program impact figures.Nov 19, 2018 Link to Original Article. By Jonathan Moed. StartUp Chile (SUP), the public startup accelerator launched by the Chilean government, has built a reputation as a worldleading program, and has transformed entrepreneurship in its native country and throughout Latin America. Its influence extends globally, and it has spurred a new class of public accelerator programs around the world. startup chile results

Sep 09, 2014  REACHING A VERDICT. The initial success of Startup Chile is a matter of perspective. If you value the creation of local companies and jobs, then the program does not seem to be producing very strong results. If you value cultural change, then there seem to be indications that it

Chile is quickly gaining a reputation for becoming Latin Americas startup hub, with businesses creating global connections and providing valuable employment and an investment boost across the StartUp Chile, The program. Scale: Followon fund for top performing startups that are incorporated in Chile, have traction and are looking to scale in LATAM and globally. Selected companies receive 60 million CLP (around USD86K) equity free with the condition that they incorporate and open operations in Chile.startup chile results Oct 16, 2016  A Look into Chiles innovative startup government. Since 2010, Chile has distributed upwards of 40 million to 1, 300 budding businesses from almost 80 countries. As of last summer, those companies had generated roughly 1, 600 jobs in Chile and 100 million in outside fundraising. According to the Brookings Institute,

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