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2020-02-18 13:24

Nov 07, 2018  On Tuesday night, Proposition C, a ballot measure that will raise some taxes on San Franciscos largest and wealthiest companies and put theSan Francisco voters were saying yes to a measure to increase tax on commercial leases to raise money for child care, and rejected a competing measure that would have used the tax to fund prop f san francisco election results

Election results will be available from the following sources: San Francisco Government Television SFGTV, Channel 26, will report summary results throughout the night as a banner during SFGTV programming. sfelections. org all results reports, including the reports for the rankedchoice contests and the preliminary Statement of the Vote

Other propositions Proposition F passed with 55. 6 percent of the vote, providing residential tenants facing eviction with cityfunded legal representation. Its passage makes San Francisco the first city in California to guarantee tenants facing eviction the right to counsel. Jun 08, 2018  San Franciscos mayoral race is still too close to call Thursday morning, but its not the only nailbiter in election land. . As of Wednesday night, San Franciscos Proposition C held a slimprop f san francisco election results Nov 07, 2018  San Francisco Propositions 2018 Election Results San Francisco, CA San Francisco voters have spoken. They want to end the homeless

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Nov 09, 2016  While many in the city are still reeling from last night's presidential election news, there are also a number of San Francisco ballot measures to consider24, as a matter of fact. Here's the prop f san francisco election results Ballot measure elections in the city and county of San Francisco are conducted by the San Francisco Department of Elections, which is under the supervision of the San Francisco Elections Commission. . Ballot measures can be put before San Francisco voters by referral from the city council or through a signature petition drive for an initiative, which proposes a new law, or a referendum, which View a fulltext PDF file of the San Francisco Voter Pamphlet. File sizes may be large and cause prolonged downloads. To search ballot propositions by keyword, see San Francisco Ballot Propositions Database. Results provide passfail and other information. The latest election campaign news and updates from the San Francisco Chronicle. High school results. The cars most likely to cause buyer's remorse in San Francisco. Jobs. This Week's Ads Local results are updated from data posted by the Department of Elections or Office of the Registrar of Voters in each of the nine Bay Area counties. Except for certain state and local races, which are called by a San Francisco Chronicle senior editor, race winners and electoral votes are called by AP state and Washington bureaus.